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Profitable Book Niche Research

We conduct profitable and comprehensive Kindle niche research and KDP keyword and category research for your book.


Each Niche & KDP Keyword Research Includes

We start the process with in-depth research, including industry market research, competitor analysis, niche and keyword research to establish the right topic and book genre for you, with a solid plan of action.

With years of dedicated work in the KDP business, our method of niche research has proven to be the best way to find profitable niches. Contact us now and step into the world of successful book advertising!

A-Z Done-For-You Book Creation

Ghostwriting - Bringing Your Vision to Life

At Shea Publishing, our ghost writers are true masters of their respective genres. They will weave their magic and turn ideas into best-selling books by captivating your target audience.

Whether it’s a self help book, or an informative book that establishes your expertise in your industry, we are here to breathe life into your vision with meticulously crafted and published books.

We take immense pride in delivering successful publications that are not just written, but also thoughtfully designed, expertly edited, flawlessly published, and strategically marketed. The outcome? Our clients have soared to the heights of becoming international best-seller authors, all thanks to our professional prowess in book writing and marketing. Shea Publishing help to elevate your author journey, word by word

Our Comprehensive Approach

Understanding Your Vision:
To ensure we capture your unique vision, we'll send you a questionnaire. Your responses will guide us in aligning our approach with your goals.
The Perfect Writer for You
With your book genre and objective in mind, we'll handpick the ideal writer from our team, ensuring a perfect match for your project
From Concept to Reality
Once your desired book topic is chosen, we take charge of the entire book creation process. From ghostwriting to creating a captivating book cover, handling publication, and optimizing Amazon listings – we've got it all covered!

Talk to our experts and explore our ghostwriting services with a customized pricing plan.

Book Publicity Launch Services Package

1 Month Promotion Campaign

Our book publishing, and promotion campaigns are geared toward authors looking to gain exposure and increase sales. Our full-service book publicity campaigns consist of one month of aggressive online PR and marketing through various forms of media. Our result-driven marketing services are designed to give your book the visibility it deserves and propel it to the top of bestseller lists.

Starter Launch Plan $4900

1 Month Publicity Launch Plan

Are you ready to embark on a journey to best-selling success? Talk to our experts and explore how our marketing services can let the transformation begin.

Amazon PPC Management

Unleash the Power of Targeted Advertising

Maximize the potential of your Amazon KDP book with our expert PPC management services. As seasoned advertisers and KDP marketing experts, we know the ins and outs of Amazon AMS, PPC, KDP advertising, and SP ads. Our rich experience enables us to craft the most effective ad campaigns, select the right keywords and categories, and bid strategically to achieve exceptional results within your daily budget.

With our expertise, we have seen remarkable success for our clients, with some achieving an impressive 82% increase in units sold within just one month by optimizing their existing ads. Long-term success for your book requires implementing the correct strategies to maximize growth and profit. Our tailored campaigns can rapidly boost your sales, reaching more readers and increasing your book’s profitability.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media gives you the power to reach your targeted audiences across the world, collaborate with others, and grow your following organically. Our marketing team will consult with you on strategy, content building, and implementation for maximum exposure across all major platforms.

Choose the Package That Fits You

We understand that each author has different requirements and budgets, so we provide a range of packages to accommodate everyone. We provide all the necessary social media marketing services, including author branding templates, press releases, trailer videos and relevant hashtags. You can go over our services and choose the package that works best for you.

Monthly Social Media Marketing

Starter Plan 6 Months

  • 6 Months Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Extensive Author Branding Themed Templates
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller Award every 3 month KDP Select enrollment period.
  • 3 Weekly Posts on Instagram & Facebook (Static and/ Video Posts)
  • 2 Daily Posts on Pinterest
  • Identify Relevant Hashtags for your Business (#)
  • 5 Monthly Reviews & Ratings on Facebook Business Page
  • 10 Monthly ARC Amazon Book Reviews
  • 40 Monthly Goodreads 5 Star Rating for your Book
  • Weekly 3D Book Mockup
  • 1 Stunning Book Trailer Video
  • Press Releases - 2 Custom Articles, along with publication on high-domain websites, for example Time Business News

Professional Plan 6 Months

  • 6 Months Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok (or Youtube) and Instagram
  • Extensive Author Branding Themed Templates
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller Award every 3 month KDP Select enrollment period.
  • 3 Weekly Posts per platform (Static and/ Video Posts)
  • 5 Daily Posts on Pinterest
  • Identify Relevant Hashtags for your Business (#)
  • 15 Monthly Reviews & Ratings on Facebook Business Page
  • 30 Monthly ARC Amazon Book Reviews
  • 60 Monthly Goodreads 5 Star Rating for your Book
  • Bi-weekly 3D Book Mockup
  • Press Releases - 4 Custom Articles, along with publication on high-domain websites, for example Time Business News
  • 2 Stunning Book Trailer Videos

Get in touch with our experts now and let’s take your book to new heights!

Audiobooks - Elevating Your Book's Reach and Impact

Did you know that the U.S. audiobooks market is worth over $1.3 billion? With the U.S. and China leading the way, this booming market is expected to grow by more than 25% by 2027. The increasing demand for audiobooks is driven by various factors, making them a compelling choice for authors and readers alike

Ease of Accessibility for Physically Disabled: Audiobooks provide a remarkable opportunity for physically disabled individuals to access and enjoy literature effortlessly.
Non-English Speaking Groups: Audiobooks transcend language barriers, enabling non-English speaking audiences to indulge in captivating stories and valuable knowledge.
Enhanced Retention of Information: Many people find that they retain information better when listening to audiobooks, making it an ideal option for immersive learning experiences.
Multitasking and Enjoyment: Audiobooks are perfect companions for multitasking, be it while cleaning, driving, or winding down in bed, adding joy to mundane tasks.

Audio Book Services

We offer an exclusive Audible version of your book, enabling you to reach a vast audience of eager listeners, expanding your book’s reach to even more book enthusiasts. We have a diverse team of talented voice-over artists that can help create your audiobook exactly the way you want; we publish your audiobook under your name on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, etc.Contact Us Today To Discuss Services and Pricing to Meet Your Needs

Embrace the Power of Video

Dynamic Book Trailers

In today’s digital age, video is a game-changer, exponentially expanding your audience reach. With movie-quality book trailers, our top designers create captivating videos precisely tailored to your book and genre. These short, attractive videos engage potential readers on your website, social media, and beyond, appealing to their visual, auditory, and emotional senses.

Data shows that videos leave a lasting impact, making them an essential tool for marketing your book. Pairing your book reviews, blog posts, and press releases with a compelling book trailer elevates the interest of potential readers, swiftly transforming viewers into eager readers.

Working closely with you, we ensure your book trailer reflects the heart and soul of your carefully crafted story. It’s time to captivate your readers and witness your book’s sales soar. Our movie-quality book trailers are competitively priced, making them a powerful investment for your book’s success.

Crafted To Captivate

Book Cover Design

When it comes to capturing the attention of potential readers, the cover of your book holds the key. At Shea Publishing, we understand that readers make critical buying decisions based on the captivating content they find on the cover. That’s why we offer unparalleled book creative services, ensuring your promotional copy is perfectly tailored to entice readers to pick up your book.

Our team of designers and illustrators are experts in generating eye-catching and beautiful covers. If you are looking for a unique design for your book, we are the best option for you.

Back Cover Blurb

As writers, it’s often challenging to objectively create compelling promotional text for our own projects. Our team of book marketing experts can craft the perfect book jacket copy that leaves a lasting impression on readers, compelling them to take your book off the shelf or add it to their online cart.

3D Mockup - Elevate Your Book Cover

Stand out from the crowd with our state-of-the-art 3D book covers. Experience a sense of depth and realism that takes your book’s cover design to the next level. Our professional high-quality service ensures your book cover captivates the eyes and hearts of your audience.

Unleash Your Author Brand

Enhanced Author Website

Discover the power of an enhanced author website that leaves a lasting impression on your readers and promotes your books effectively. Our comprehensive package includes a FREE 1-year domain and hosting, ensuring a seamless online presence. With SEO-friendly content and an interactive website design, we’ll take your author platform to new heights.

Our approach is simple, effective and focused on growing a following for you.

Features of Our Enhanced Author Website

Amazon Integration
Seamlessly connect your website with your Amazon author page, making it easy for readers to discover and purchase your books.
Promotional Banners
Highlight your latest releases, events, and promotions with eye-catching banners that capture your audience's attention.
Newsletter Subscription (optional)
Build a loyal reader base with an optional newsletter subscription feature, keeping your fans informed and engaged.
Payment Module Integration (optional)
For book sales directly from your website, we can integrate a secure payment module for a seamless shopping experience.
3rd Party API Integration
Expand your website's capabilities with customized third-party API integration tailored to your specific needs.
Customized Filters for Refined Search
Enable visitors to find exactly what they're looking for with customized filters for an enhanced user experience
Social Media Integration
Increase your online presence with social media integration on popular platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
On-page SEO Configuration
Enhance your website's visibility with on-page SEO configuration, making it search engine friendly.
SEO-friendly Coding
Our expert coding ensures that your website is optimized for search engines, driving more organic traffic to your platform.
Search Engine Indexing (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
Ensure your website is indexed by major search engines, boosting your online visibility.
Cross-platform Responsive Compatibility
Your website will be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across devices like desktops, iPhones, and Android devices.
Cross-browser Compatibility:
Reach a wider audience with a website that is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Fast Load Time
With optimized performance, your website will load quickly, providing a smooth and enjoyable user experience.
Security Plugins
We prioritize your website's security with industry-standard security plugins, safeguarding your valuable content and data.
W3C Certified HTML
Ensure compliance with web standards with W3C certified HTML for a reliable and error-free website.
Google Friendly Sitemap:
Help search engines navigate your website efficiently with a Google-friendly sitemap.
1 Year SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Our SEO experts will continuously optimize your website for search engines, ensuring long-term visibility and growth.

Transform your online presence and take your author brand to the next level with our enhanced author website package. Get in touch with our team now to discuss how we can create a website that showcases your books and connects with your readers on a whole new level. Contact us and elevate your author platform today!

Contact us today if you would like to create a thriving book business where we handle it all!

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